Car Repairs

26 06 2017


Don’t It Always Seem To Go

25 06 2017

Nothing, and I mean nothing, brings me more joy (okay, with the possible exception of the birth of my children, and a total solar eclipse) than seeing a big dog in a small car.



Who, pray tell, put this car around me?


Here is an exquisite example of that. Like the Joni Mitchell song. They paved paradise, then I saw a malamute in the mall parking lot. Sorry, took a lot of liberties with that one.

Though I’ll occasionally reach in and pet a carbound dog, with this one, there was no reassuring tail wag or ear drop. My kids, likewise, were leery of putting their hands into the maw, which I thoughtfully did not judge them for. A wise car thief might have managed it by the old ‘Porterhouse pre-emptive’, if you get my drift.

Thanks for reading!

The Dead Dog

24 06 2017

In my travels, I came upon a dead dog. (Great first line for an epic world-building fantasy) He was lying in the middle of a parking space in Granville Island, an artsy/touristy area of Vancouver that I love to visit and soak up the creative vibes.

I knelt down, trying to remember my first responder abc’s. You know, Airway, Breathing, and the

2014-09-20 16.00.01.jpg

third one. Might I need to perform mouth to muzzle? Was a defibrillator nearby? I thought how, upon revival, a dog would be forever in my debt.

However, before being caught inflagrante, the owner, an artist in a nearby studio, appeared. Oh, he does that
all the time, I was told, lies down in random spots. He’s a bit elderly so he is happy to saunter aimlessly. (Like the elderly do on cruise ships!) Then, when he has had enough,  collapses like a puppet whose strings have been cut. (Again, like the elderly) Hence, and you might be able to see it in the photo, the tag around his neck: I AM NOT LOST.

Made my day! I was very happy not to have to spatula a dead dog from the ground. (I think there is an emoji for that) Thanks for reading!

I’ve Discovered . . .

23 06 2017

ive discovered.png

And here I thought . . .

20 06 2017

and here i thought.png

Whatever Happened To . . .

18 06 2017


A dog is a reminder . . .

16 06 2017

delve into it.png