The anticipation of baseball . . .

12 06 2017

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More What I’ve Learned in Life

11 06 2017

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No Bad Dogs

10 06 2017

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My Love Affair With Books

10 06 2017

I’ve always been an eclectic reader, I think owing to my parents (both avid readers) wide ranging selection of literature around the house.

When I was 10 torso,  I couldn’t get to sleep one night and my dad gave me a James Herriot,


and I fell asleep right away haha. Actually I still couldn’t sleep but because the writing was so compelling. I think my dad thought that such a light ‘frivolous’ read might be just the thing to get me to sleep (he was a reader of the Russian masters, had he handed me Bobok or Notes From Underground, who knows the trajectory of my life).

Make me one with everything . . .

9 06 2017

. . .said the guru to the hot dog vendor. downward dog.png

More Things I Do Like A Boss

9 06 2017

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More Things I Do Like a Boss

7 06 2017