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White Rock

Smoky skies due to wildfires in the interior of BC. Marine air here usually clears it up quite nicely, fortunately.

White Rock is close to the USA border, about a 45 minute drive from home. It is as close to a resort town as there is near Vancouver, possessing a rocky but very long beach that is a fun playground when the tide is low.

The US border is still closed, though American travellers have been allowed into Canada, on proof of vaccination. Frustrating for us, but what are you going to do. I try not to think of all that snack food and the idle Trader Joe’s waiting for me down there.

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Customer Service

I am too keenly aware of service people. It is a by-product of having worked more than a few service industry jobs. I am aware of their impatience. I am aware of their barely held back contempt for our often stupid, petty, and pathetic wants and needs. All of which must be met with a smile.

This unwanted awareness undercuts what could be a pleasant experience in the restaurant, or what have you. I find myself hilariously trying NOT to inconvenience the service person! Allow me to repeat that: not inconvenience the service person!

Does this mean I’m a really great guy, since one can be judged by how they treat those in subservient roles? Naw. I’m just a bit neurotic about it. Empathetic, to be sure.