Overheard in Costco

2 08 2017

Overheard this the other day, and it just struck me as funny (quite possibly to me and no other sentient being), that in a store, nay, fortress of plenty, that he hit upon its one shortcoming. I can only imagine he might need them for (what else) barbecuing while vanquishing dragons.

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Full frontal cortex

1 08 2017

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Fecal Matters

30 07 2017

poop in the dark.png

Sorry, bit of a poopy theme these days. What can I say? Pooping is the great leveller, as they say. Okay, no one says that but, other than the queen, everyone poops. Colonoscopys are not a picnic but they DO save lives. Get one done if you’re of a certain age, 45 or better.

Indian Scout

29 07 2017

20170617_234930.jpgMy brother in law opened his garage recently and showed me this! Sort of a gift for himself, for living half a century or so.  Even in my profound ignorance of all things mechanical recognized that this was something cool.

He needed lessons since he’d never driven anything with less than 4 wheels! (Bicycles don’t count.) After the crash course, he is out on the road with this machine, but only if there is no sign of rain in the five-day outlook. Given that we live in Vancouver, he will have a very small window of riding indeed!

I’m so proud of my brother in law, who suffered a mild heart attack earlier this year. He decided not to let it define him and indulged a long standing desire: Way to go, Ken!


The New Diet

28 07 2017

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Well, It’s Good For the Soil

26 07 2017

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Pup Of the Week 2

26 07 2017

2014-09-21 10.47.28.jpgA baby Staffordshire? I could be wrong. I spied him on my sea wall run along False Creek in Vancouver. He could barely walk since he only had a nodding acquaintance with his legs, not unlike Theatre Row in our city after 2am.