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A Birthday card I made for mum and her Corrie addiction

We’ve watched Corrie since about the mid nineties, my wife and I. Mum has watched it since the sixties. (wags will say that most of the characters are IN their sixties – patently untrue, they are in their eighties)

There is a comfort to an ongoing serialized TV show – we are keenly aware of its artificiality and often heavy-handed story beats. This does not decrease the pleasure in following the travails of the long-established characters. The acting, as always, is head and shoulders above what we are used to here in North America. The comfort can also be found in how the characters support one another, through crises (and there are many), and tribulation. They are like us – and very much unlike us. The dichotomy is a subject for more learned heads than mine.

A guilty pleasure? Not at all. A pleasure through and through. So was the Mandalorian – a further strain on the old suspension of belief area of my brain. Golden age of this media – is it ever! Death of cinema? Nothing that dramatic, but it is certainly in a decline.

Anyway, back to the cartoons which, I am afraid, there are plenty more of. I’ll stop posting them when it stops being fun! Comments, as always, are welcome!