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Lonsdale Quay

I love this market, located in North Vancouver – it is accessible by Sea Bus (our aquatic rapid transit that has been in operation since the late 1970s), or by two bridges, Lions Gate or Ironworker’s Memorial.

Normally a bustling tourist mecca, it is definitely champing at the bit to get back to its regular hectic pace. A few shops and vendors have toughed it out and are selling their wares.

There is a maritime feel to the locale, as it is the former site of a ship repair dock. There are still many related businesses in the area, where ships go to get repairs, improvements – like a garage or beauty parlor, I suppose.

Do pop in if you are in the area – located at the bottom of Lonsdale Street, you can go for a bracing jog up the hill, as I do, from time to time. A bus can take you up, as well, all the way to the foot of Grouse Mountain. One thing about North Vancouver, there are hills and slopes, as is the common topography of Vancouver.


Some of the artfully displayed seafood.
It is very reassuring to these vendors back to work – they have a long uphill battle to come. The tourist trade is right out of the equaition.
Like a grand dame, seated at the entrance – she is a Labradoodle.


Very happy that they have opened, after such a lengthy closure.