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Stop tying up the line with your selfish problems! I got this idea from my parents and their ’emergency’ tech calls. After unplugging and plugging back in (or kicking the printer until it works), I always feel superhero-ish. At least, until I get home, and have to ask yet another Macbook related question of MY kids. Circle of life.

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The Age of Anger

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I become hyper articulate as I become angrier. Nobody wins in that scenario, believe me.  If you have ever had the pleasure of THAT coming at you, it is like a red cape to the bull. You are wrong and here’s why. Or I become UNarticulate, as my brain, aghast at the indignities and fueled with the righteousness of my argument, spins its wheels. Sigh. What works for YOU? If counting works for you – lucky for you, that’s seldom worked for me!


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Have You Been Outsmarted?


Sorry about that . . . ending. Ah said I’m sorry. Ass said, I’m sorry. End middle school humour.

Is everything smarter than us? Then, we must very dumb indeed. Will movement even be necessary in the future as our every wish and whim is anticipated? Will our very thoughts spark off synapses that will interconnect with fibre optics that will bombard our brain pan with ads? This coincides well with my prediction that we will all just be amorphous clouds of gas in a few generations.