7 10 2017


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This scenario did not exactly play out, but it might have. My mother has an annoying habit of doing just that – pilfering sugar packets and napkins. Plastic knives and forks, and on one memorable occasion, a lot of free T-shirts hastily given out on the occasion of Prince William’s visit here a few years back. You were allowed one; she lined up multiple times and got about four.

I had just had coffee with her and was waiting by the exit, as she visited the loo etc. Another lady was standing at the exit as well, waiting for a friend. Perhaps inspired by irritation, I remarked, to her,  that that was my mother at the condiment station, shoving napkins into her bag. A glorious sight, to be sure.

The lady then said something that made me burst out laughing. She suggested that maybe she could pretend to be the ‘Starbucks police’ and ‘accost’ my mother at the door. Fortunately, I did not give her the nod, and we shared a laugh at such a scene playing out. I did tell my mother of this little incident and she thought it was the height of hilarity. She may be many things but she doesn’t lack a sense of humour.

I can’t say I am entirely guiltless – our kitchen drawer is jam-packed with (cough) souvenirs. At least (trying to justify my actions) I make an effort to be surreptitious about it. My mother makes zero effort at concealment of her actions, to the point that I think she is daring someone to say something.

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Have a Good One

28 09 2017

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Beach (ed) Body

22 09 2017

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Overheard in Costco 2

21 09 2017

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I Had a Dream

17 09 2017

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Oh, and apologies to my kids, whom I have just insulted. Even with the ‘aid’ of prerecorded guffaws, they would still maintain their ‘no laugh’ policy with my jokes.


16 09 2017

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4 09 2017


I am having some hardware issues (NOT a euphemism for irritable bowel syndrome or that my car has given up the ghost. It actually has, I drive a haunted Odyssey) so my posts will slow down (cue the canned audience groans). Rest assured that I will be posting regularly (thanks to liberal helpings of All Bran cereal. That WAS a euphemism.) and the laughs and good times can continue.

Thanks to all who follow this blog. I implore you, to have patience, for the best is yet to come. (So, what we’ve seen up til now was shite? Not exactly, I mean it was really GOOD shite, right? )

As always, comment freely, or complain (we want more references to chickens!).

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