Well, It’s Good For the Soil

26 07 2017

the incontinent gardener.png

Pup Of the Week 2

26 07 2017

2014-09-21 10.47.28.jpgA baby Staffordshire? I could be wrong. I spied him on my sea wall run along False Creek in Vancouver. He could barely walk since he only had a nodding acquaintance with his legs, not unlike Theatre Row in our city after 2am.

New Yoga Positions

24 07 2017

yoga poz.png

Erudite Basset Hound

21 07 2017

The smell of books makes me . . . me . . . zzzzzzz . . .At my local bookstore this was the sight I beheld in the stacks. Another dead dog? Nope. A very much alive 10 year old Basset named Jud. Talk about the Life of Riley. He was clearly a reader in a previous life.





Jack/Fox mix!

18 07 2017

IMG_4040.JPGAnother amazing dog, this time, a fox terrier and Jack Russell mix. My sister had a fox terrier for 12 years, so self-possessed and affectionate! (So was the dog, rimshot here) I can only imagine this mixture is a species of Superdog. He must be approached by movie and TV directors all the time.


17 07 2017



14 07 2017


Saw this cutie-pie in (when else) the middle of my run and HAD to stop to say hello! The owner was unsure of the mix beyond King Charles spaniel, I thought perhaps beagle? Well, his name was “Bagel” so . . .

I wanted to play with him but needed to complete the run! :-)