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Dogs in the City 1

Love to take pics of dogs I happen upon in Vancouver.

St Bernard enjoying some fast food. I get the feeling that that was not enough! He seemed to belong to the homeless man which begged the question, how can he afford to feed that monstrous appetite? I’m not here to judge – just take pics of city dogs.

Another St. Bernard, this time, a bit younger and a mix. (sorry, forgot what the owner said he was a mix of, maybe you know!)

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Say hi to my Neighbours

In my travels, I am ever on the lookout for interesting pets – it allows me to converse with owners, get a rich backstory, in some cases. They are never not open and proud of their pets!

Meet 2 year old Bruno, whose face belies a most friendly and acccomodating nature. I’ve known him since he was a pup, and he resides in a store with his owner.

Rescue dog, name of BURGER! At a friend’s house, he runs a foster home for dogs!

SPEEDY, as in Gonzales. He was rescued from Mexico. Part Chihuahua and mmm Yorkie possibly?

BURGER again. Never met such a chill dog. Just lives to be petted and massaged.

My sis said, if my dad ever came in a dog form . . . His name is Winston, and no prize to guess who he is named after. (It’s not me, although I was called that a lot in school, and WILBUR)

BRUNO again, when he was but a pup. He is inside his owners handbag.

Owner and dog at Starbucks, an excellent meeting place for dogs.

Fox terrier, look at that snout! Ideal for getting into people’s business! We had a fox terrier in the family for 12 years, named Harley. He loved to roll in unspeakable things and fill the car with odours not at all like Chanel no.5.

And, for no reason at all, a horse head mask on the sidewalk . . .


This one is in his first bloom of youth – look at those paws!

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Welcome to the Family, Molly!

Hey! Congratulate us! We have been searching for about 2 years for a ‘rescue’ dog for mum.

Say hello to Molly, a (sorry about this) chiweenie. Rhymes with BIKINI. Chihuahua and Dachshund mix. She is 2 years old, we think.IMG_4868 2.jpg

The above picture is my mother. I have cleverly superimposed another face (you would never have known) to protect her identity. And, yes, she is British, by birth.

It took many trips to Petsmart adoption events, the dog pound, and shelters over the last 2 years. And I know, a rescue dog should be a St bernard with a keg full of brandy.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_78d.jpgMolly’s from California so quite used to sunny climes, not our west coast rain forest.  She is very shy right now but with a lot of patience, she will start thawing out.

We are all so happy for mum and just what she wants for her retirement. Wish her good luck with her new project!