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In Grade 6 (when I was about 11-12 years old), we had MEDIEVAL DAYS at our school. A troupe of performers introduced us to the medieval life, through swordplay, the garb, the food, the customs. It was a time that I never forget and even the intervening years did not dim it – I love that period in history above all others – not that it was a picnic for those who lived IN it.

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Free Plane Tickets!

willy 4 free plane ticket.png

Oopsie, made a click bait-y title and now you’re angry that there is no plane tickets. Enjoy yourself while you are here, then! BTW I had a short time with the pilot after a flight and forgot to bring my phone! Still regret it to this day! The mental image is iffy at best – I think he had a CD dangling from his rear view mirror.

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