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Coffee is For Closers . . .

In my current efforts to inundate the Internet with my foul content, my Toons can now be seen on Instagram at Wiltoons. I even post stuff that hasn’t appeared on my blog yet. (sound of retreating footsteps) Hey come back! I’ll throw in complimentary hot toddys. (Offer void in Hawaii and Alaska. Nothing personal.)


BONUS FRIDAY TOON (from the olden days)


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Tread Dread


I hope that you are enjoying some of these. A lot of clunkers, to be sure, but a few that might last past the warranty.

What I find funny and what you find funny may perhaps, in a happy accident, intersect. We can, stifling giggles, exchange insurance information, and move on with our lives.

As I have previously stated, I am assembling enough work to then submit to the syndicated Cartoon Gods (like us only they eat better), and gain some wider exposure. I will winnow the wheat from the chaff (I believe that is how it goes. I’m no farmer), and submit the . . . wheat? The chaff will reside here for all to peruse until the sun becomes a Red Giant, billions of years hence.

I enjoy the pursuit of funny, and am constantly course-correcting so as not to alienate my audience . . . (sound of crickets) Whoops, looks like I already did! Thanks to those of you, who have stuck by me since the beginning, you know who the both of you are. (Boom! Tish!) Your likes and comments are the fuel (in addition to an Americano) that keep me going!

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Not So Smart Car?

20180512_203624 (1).jpg

This was the sight I was treated to on a small trip to Steveston, just south Of Vancouver Canada, a former Japanese fishing village. The rest of Canada holds us in contempt, with our laid back and chill attitudes. This picture will not help matters.

I wouldn’t like to be near it on the highway if a stiff breeze suddenly launched it skyward. Despite what you may have heard, we no longer commute by kayak up here. Still, it made us smile.