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Pool Fool

WILLY 22.png

Last summer, there was so much smoke in the air that outdoor fun was out. This summer, most of our beaches are no-swim zones due to high coliform (poo) counts. Childhood memories of sharing bathwater with friends in England, very barbaric, I was usually third of four, the water a kinda translucent at that point. The last person might as well have a bath in the kitchen sink with the dirty dishes.

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Ode To a Broken AC Unit

Not ours, but this could be an ugly sibling.


ODE to a Broken AC Unit

idle it sits in its place

gatherin’ dust and wasting space


in winter that window does leak

making bedroom weather rather bleak


one day that unit will descend to

The ground as all things tend to.


Then in summer AC again will be imposed

Cool breezes from the hole exposed.