What’s YOUR Favourite Dance?

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Holler Scholar


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As comedian Paul F. Tompkins alluded to, in one of his hilarious routines, everything we do is done to avoid getting yelled at. Just by standing in the wrong line, we are vulnerable to getting yelled at. Isn’t it the worst? I immediately revert to childhood and become sullen and self-defensive. If there is anything to kick on the ground, I will kick it. Well, I didn’t know, and I did not see that giant sign in day-glo letters.

There is one omission – the boss. It goes without saying that he/she may communicate through yelling only. Oh, and plus I just forgot!

Ode To a Broken AC Unit

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Not ours, but this could be an ugly sibling.


ODE to a Broken AC Unit

idle it sits in its place

gatherin’ dust and wasting space


in winter that window does leak

making bedroom weather rather bleak


one day that unit will descend to

The ground as all things tend to.


Then in summer AC again will be imposed

Cool breezes from the hole exposed.