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Post #500!



This is post #500! Without your support and ever-positive comments would I have had the (choose your own descriptive term, possibly involving parts of the male anatomy) to carry on. Probably not. At times, it felt like drawing or typing into a void.

Many years back I had a brain injury (cerebral event sounds almost festive!) that sidelined me to such an extent that I was afraid that I might not ever write, let alone draw again. I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice to say that 99% of people would do the same as me and just get on with it. Nothing heroic about it, though it is tempting to calibrate the narrative and make myself look like Gandhi 2.0. (I visit the gym much more than he did)

As you can see, I have become quite prolific, through the sheer and unsexy power of just doing it on a daily basis. (Making up for lost time) It is a faucet that has become stuck, and a hammer is out of reach to knock the valve closed. I like to think that the quality has gone up a tad, but that is truly a subjective realm. From my point of view, I find it easier and easier to extract the funny from the dross. (thanks a lot, smart phone voice recorder app) If it makes me laugh, that is often a criteria for rendering or writing about.

I have long desired syndication (aim high) and not just now and then submissions to zines etc. I have had to calibrate and course correct to keep that possibility alive. This may end up being a (garbage) receptacle for my work that my kids can fawn over then post on future Frigidaires. I am not unhappy at this prospect – other than my live and complaining head in a jar, I can think of no more meaningful legacy.