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Indigenous Artifact

This was a wood carving of a wolf and salmon, given to me as part of a trade. I parted with some art supplies which he was glad to have. He just gave me the carving as recompense. He was a member of Native band up the west coast of BC, Bella Bella, to be exact. Look on a map – you will see how isolated that community is.

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Dogs in the City 1

Love to take pics of dogs I happen upon in Vancouver.

St Bernard enjoying some fast food. I get the feeling that that was not enough! He seemed to belong to the homeless man which begged the question, how can he afford to feed that monstrous appetite? I’m not here to judge – just take pics of city dogs.

Another St. Bernard, this time, a bit younger and a mix. (sorry, forgot what the owner said he was a mix of, maybe you know!)