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Fave comics of the past (and some still around)

I used to love Andy Capp, it was usually on the back page of the colour comics which was every Saturday when I grew up. Nowadays, times have changed, and he is rightly castigated, for his, well, errant ways. That’s not why I stopped enjoying him – just found bigger and better things. I’ve appreciated the line style, the crisp artwork.

Being in Canada, as I am, the English comics are few and far between – I also enjoyed Fred Basset. I found it remarkable that such a dog could have a big following, and it inspired me to do the same. Our dog (his name was Laika, after the Russian space dog) was remarkably undemonstrative (like Fred). I failed to make a go of making any dog-themed comics. More a failure of imagination, I suppose.

As a kid, I got a kick out of THE LOCKHORNS, a married couple (in their 40s?) The gags were quite good and I remember buying a few of the book anthologies.

Really enjoyed Dagwood, a staple of newspapers forever. I always bee-lined to this comic in the colour funnies, as we called it. BTW, over the years, those coloured funnies shrank down – to make room for, you guessed it, rubbish ads. They used to be quite large in format – quite sad, that.

Used to love Nancy, the clean lines, the crispness, the simple humour. I will submit more, time pending. Comment if you have personal faves. I won’t mention British (or Scottish) funnies, a subject that needs a post all its own. Like Beryl the Peril, Dennis the Menace, Sweeney Toddler, Bash Street, Bumpkin Billionaires, that lot.


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