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When you are genetically perfect on all levels, it becomes a problem. One must manufacture imperfections just to fit in! The rest of us must purchase gym memberships or, worse,  go on long walks wearing outrageous ‘exercise’ clothing (which is usually what you wear around the house anyway).

My parents are still around, and visit the gym three times a week. There’s incentive right there! My father is 95 this year, he swam all his life – that accounts for his blessed lack of knee and joint problems, outside of the inevitable aging issues. Maybe I should get in the pool? Right now, I’d rather ruin my legs by running. The lack of scenery (and podcast listening) when swimming has always been problematic for me.


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2 thoughts on “Genetics

  1. Howdy, Bro! Another great ‘toon, as always!

    You and I seem to share the same philosophy about exercise. I learned as a boy that exercise was not for me (no lung capacity, no coordination, no real skills) and so I decided to do what most people do … trust in Providence, luck, and hopefully the physical equivalent of playing the lottery to get me into old age (hopefully gracefully). But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that, just like the real, state-run financial lotteries, the odds of my own private genetic lottery paying off are infinitesimal.

    So now I’m all about hoping that the Good Health truck will run over me and accidentally dump its contents all over me. It’s not much of a hope, but it’s something.

    1. Now that we’re stuck at home for the time being, I want to get a exercise bike. I was disappointed by the, shall we say, less than enthusiastic reception. I was told to ‘save my money’ and concentrate on ‘important things’. Like what, I thought. Food and shelter? I am the only one who jogs in the family. My daughter does but only when the 14 day outlook calls for balminess and variable winds. I collected some free weights over time, which means that not being able to go to the gym is a minor setback. However, my 20 minute long hot showers WILL be curtailed. The underwear hanging on the shower curtain rod is another plus of home showering. This outbreak has been a real beast where we live – people are still in denial, and carrying on as if things are normal. The government is about to play hardball with these individuals. A ‘throwing my hands up in the air’ moment was when I saw a stall selling masks at a sports field for about triple the price, when hospitals are crying out for them. These times do bring out the worst byt also the best in people. How’s your toilet paper supply doing? Take care and good health to you and yours, Biff.

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