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Time Travel

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Bet you didn’t know THAT kitchen hack! Please leave the past the way you found it. BTW, Little Women? Awesome film. My wife was unmoved despite having 3 sisters, but dust got in my eyes at many points.


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6 thoughts on “Time Travel

  1. I’m jealous of you just getting a little dust. I went full-on bawling at some points, but then again, I’m a bit of a cry baby. :) Now I need to go get a microwave and some pop tarts, talk to you later!

    1. Some others I got dust in my eye at . . . ‘El Norte’, ‘Dances with Wolves’, ‘Inside out’, ‘Toy Story 3’

  2. Great hack! I plan to try that this morning for breakfast. I’ll see you in the past if all goes well!

    As for Little Women, I have a policy against seeing movies made from books I enjoyed. Or that throw dust in my eyes. Plus, from what I’ve heard about Little Women, the explosions-to-kissing ratio is less than optimal.

    1. I hadn’t read the book, now, no need to! (haha) Very few times does the movie reach the heights of the book. There has never been satisfactory His Dark Materials adaptation, nor will there ever be, given its wide scope and ideas. Or CS Lewis et al. It is this availability of CG that kills movies – there is a sense of artifice and fakery. I may yet see the film 1917, I am a sucker for a spectacle – but there is gimmickery at work there too. You got me on a tangent Biff!

      1. I, also, am a sucker for spectacle. But, as you pointed out, it needs to support the story and not detract from it. CG should never be the star of a movie (unless the movie was deliberately made to showcase CG). In fact, ideally, one should not even be aware of it.

        And … hey … tangents are what I do best!

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