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Stop Gaps

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What was YOUR worst job? Mine was 3am to 9am shift at Real Canadian Superstore, stocking from pallets, changing prices, and (ugh) ‘facing’ products. (lining them up, logo facing outwards, for maximum exposure and OCD satisfaction) Have tried to block that period of my life out. Silver lining – now I ‘face’ everything at home!


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5 thoughts on “Stop Gaps

  1. My worst job was at a family business. The office building was right by their apartment, so their dog would eventually wander into the office (I’m terrified of dogs) and one of the kids would try to flirt with me every now and then when he came in to print something. That was not fun at all. x.x The fact that nobody had stayed after the 3-month probation should have tipped me off, but I really needed the job.

    1. That sounds pretty horrific, esp as it was a family biz, with the spectre of expectation on top of things. Not fun at all.

      1. It was. They weren’t moustache-twirling villains, but the environment was pretty toxic. I’m keeping that firmly out of my resume, just in case!

  2. My worst job was as a car hop while I was in high school. The part I hated most was having to pick up the garbage from the parking lot at the end of an evening shift, sometimes one in the morning.

  3. Those are the jobs that, later in life you say, those were the happiest times of my life (as you wipe away tears).

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