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As you get older, you gain perspective. THIS is what stops us from doing those mindnumbing jobs we did when we were younger. Parking stall counter. Security guard. Our minds were relatively empty when we did those jobs. (this shirt makes my biceps look big or I think I’ll have a chili dog for dinner, being typical thoughts)

Now, however, they are crowded with a Murderer’s Row of problems and crises. We can no longer devote ANY brain space to these jobs. Do we want to think about our mortality for 8 hours? (or ANOTHER 8 hours, if you had a sleepless night)


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4 thoughts on “Jobs

    1. Wow! Me, too many to name. One of worst, counting parking stalls, tracking the in/out for a parking company. Horrible.

      1. I hate to admit it, but I was a telemarketer. That job opened more doors for me than you can imagine. I suppose employers felt that if I could cold call people I could do anything.

  1. Often it’s more of ‘how much of my soul for how much money?’ :D

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