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One Fine Day in the Park . . .

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Bonus Friday Toon!


And yes, I did mine this from real life.


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4 thoughts on “One Fine Day in the Park . . .

  1. As a man who somehow survived the growing up process before safety laws and anti-bullying campaigns, I can attest to the accuracy (and hilarity) of these!

    The dog hunkering in front of Kathy nearly made me split a seam laughing! So very true! (P.S. I made it extra funny in my head by imagining she was the cartoonist, Cathy Guisewite).

    Very funny stuff!

    P.S. Try not to roll off any roofs. I understand it can be detrimental to good health.

    1. Nice robust comment as usual, Wot.
      I will never forget my friend saying, matter-of-factly: I’m gonna try to pee in the middle of doing it. I nodded my 12 year old head sagely, as if weighing the pro’s and con’s of such an endeavour. Our innocence and naiveté was simultaneously charming and dangerous.
      Bonus points for the Cathy ref. Glad it made it funnier still!

      1. It’s a wonder any of us survive early adolescence. Stunning naivete and overpowering drives (both physical and emotional) are a dangerous combination.

  2. Yes, Biff. We are the walking wounded. The fact is we learn to stifle those powerful urges and drives, where it manifests itself in writing a blog.

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