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The Reverse Selfie

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This idea tickled me – to have a gallery of photos taken by famous celebs. It is almost as idiotic as TAKING selfies. Blessedly handsome and dashing as I am, even I tire of seeing my mug in every photo that I take.

It has become an end-all, be-all way of proving something happened. I am quite close to just taking pictures of myself in front of famous vistas a la the ‘roaming gnome’.

The fact that you didn’t capture a moment didn’t mean it didn’t happen. It just made you a way less interesting person.

Imagine how flummoxed your celeb would be if he or she was asked to take a picture of the person in question, the fan. They would never forget you, I can tell you. And you would have a picture of yourself taken by that celeb. On your word. Which, as you know, is worth the paper that it is written on.

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6 thoughts on “The Reverse Selfie

  1. 😄 I’m sure most celebrities would have injured egos if they weren’t at least asked to be in the shot too. They’re pretty used to being in the limelight.

    1. I am too sensitive to annoying them, so perhaps going a different route? Of course, I might end up getting tased with ol’ Sparky.

  2. This is a good idea for those that aren’t awkward. I’d probably ask Chris Hemsworth to take a picture of my pinky finger and then laugh hysterically when he rightfully runs away from me.

  3. Quite true, Anne. But IS there a limit of selfies one can have? It puts the celeb in control for once, on the other hand, and will earn you their eternal gratitude. Or revulsion. Never tried it but then I’m not a fan of being taken apart by burly men in sport jackets.

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