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VET CLINIC.pngThis film trope is a standout for me. It is very popular on the small screen, as well.

The protagonist stumbles in, trailing dime-sized drops of blood on the tile. The vet on duty, displays a look of disapproval while slowly shaking his head. He crooks a finger, and our hero (or antihero) sidles in to the exam room. Hand clasped to the injured area (usually an arm, leg, or a buttock wound; it is never a mortal wound, except when it is), our hero reveals a nasty bullet/knife wound.

The vet (still slowly shaking his head) reluctantly treats our hero, with great panache, while complaining about the cost of bandages, swabs, and tape. Our hero reclines on a short gurney obviously purpose-built for dogs and cats, his legs drooping comically off the edge.

The scene then cuts to the vet biting off the stitching thread and tying it. A quip is made by the vet or our hero about rabies, animal drugs, and how usually he would be extracting ticks rather than bullets from his patients. Aaaand Scene!

Thanks for dropping in! There are literally thousands of these tropes – any others that stand out for you?


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3 thoughts on “MOVIE TROPES 1

  1. One thing I hate in movies, no two things: 1. When women are running away from a killer, or anyone who wants to do them harm, they trip and fall, allowing the bad guy to catch them. 2. People trying to lure a dog, zombie, or other nasty thing, to follow them, invariably walk backwards, trip, and get mangled.

  2. Those are excellent tropes, Candice. It gets so that you expect it to happen, IE, the closing of the medicine cabinet to reveal someone standing behind. I am usually quite sure-footed when it comes to saving my own skin. On one memorable occasion, my good wife was very angry with me for selling something of hers at a garage sale (a water purifier). I nimbly leapt a fence and climbed a cottonwood tree til the storm was over.

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