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Holler Scholar

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As comedian Paul F. Tompkins alluded to, in one of his hilarious routines, everything we do is done to avoid getting yelled at. Just by standing in the wrong line, we are vulnerable to getting yelled at. Isn’t it the worst? I immediately revert to childhood and become sullen and self-defensive. If there is anything to kick on the ground, I will kick it. Well, I didn’t know, and I did not see that giant sign in day-glo letters.

There is one omission – the boss. It goes without saying that he/she may communicate through yelling only. Oh, and plus I just forgot!


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10 thoughts on “Holler Scholar

  1. I never thought about it until I read your post, but you’re exactly right! My entire life has been shaped by my desire to avoid being yelled at.

    That makes me so mad, that I just want to yell at someone!

  2. Hey you must live in my neighborhood cuz I have grumpy neighbors. Wait.. that’s would make you one of my neighbors. Sorry my dogs got out and chased your sister, I never saw a woman climb on top of her SUV before!

  3. haha, wowzers! That was probably not my sister, since she is a friend to all dogs! Still, funny image! Thx for commenting!

  4. Now you’ve got me thinking of a nasty teacher who yelled at me in front of the entire school when I was in kindergarten. You are quite correct, I did go above and beyond to avoid that experience even again!

    1. My ultimate yelling was when I was 11 from a police officer after I was imitating Dirty Harry in the parking lot of the police station. Brandishing my invisible .357. And I was with my mum, not her proudest day!

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