Just Smile

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images.jpegI once had a manager who would motivate us to smile with this (cough) excellent advice: ‘You’re ugly when you don’t smile.’  Isn’t that akin to saying ‘Imagine your worst enemy being drawn and quartered until . . . . they’ve had enough’, to paraphrase Douglas Adams, in order to bolster a smile? Perhaps I underestimated her managerial brilliance – does it matter, the means, as long as the result is satisfactory? It did work, after a fashion, all of our faces emblazoned with feverish rictus grins. Of course, we were all of us green as grass, and probably would have done parkour in our birthday suits if asked. Just carry a pencil or pen in your mouth at all times, is my advice. In theory, these facial muscles will somehow engender a feeling of well being, since they are the ‘smiling muscles’. It does double duty in that you will be unable to talk which, in my case, is usually my undoing.

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