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Time to drop the Japanese stoicism.

Hellergy. That’s a new word I made up. Not bad, huh. Making port manteaus are kinda new to me. It’s hard, believe me, to drum up much sympathy for, what is for me, a combo of Hell and a seasonal allergy. I really appear as though I have lost my best friend, with my swollen eyes and other facial areas of neglect.


To unpack what Hell is, it is itchy eyes, and red eyes brimming with tears,  mucous flowing like water, sneezing in clusters of 8 to 10.

Yup. Did I mention how awful the sneezing is? Ok, I mean, the first four are okay, possibly even pleasurable, in a revelatory and cathartic way. Beyond that, however, it escalates into ‘kill me now’ territory.

No eating, reading, driving, talking, doing anything really. The only cure is anything that puts me to sleep or death (which is a slight increase of that which puts me to sleep.)

It is the peak season for this. Back in January, when I had my hernia surgery, I obsessed that  I’d sneeze my intestines into parts of my body where they didn’t belong. A teachable moment, to be sure. That is, enjoy your non-suffering times, for suffering likes to pop in and have a visit (and often brings knitting).

Sorry about this interlude, just thought I’d share . . . point and laugh if you want, I’m a big boy. You haven’t suffered, you say, and I’m in 100% agreement. This is only a coming attraction, a side trip, a couple of warm up pitches, for what life REALLY has in store for me. And you won’t hear anything about it. Why? Japanese stoicism resumes in three….two…one.

And now, for no particular reason, a picture of the NHL player Zdeno Chara that makes me laugh.