Enough about me, what do YOU think of me?

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Hi It’s Wilt! A bit about me. Born and raised in Winnipeg (holidayed in fine style in such exotic cities like Thief River Falls, Bemidji, Minot, Rapid City, Morris, Moose Jaw, St. Paul, Grand Forks, Devils Lake, Kenora, the Badlands, Flin Flon, Sioux Narrows) moved to a small town called Vancouver BC. My mother is English, father is of Japanese descent.

I love drawing comics, as you can see. It has always been a way of blowing off steam, trotting out some silly ideas, escaping Swiffering round the house, my kids. The enjoyment I derive from creating a comic almost, AL-MOST makes me feel guilty! Nothing absorbs me more fully, although if I had a PS4 game console I’m sure that would do the trick.

Anyway, I have always been a comics person. More a maker of them than a reader of them, I am embarrassed to say. I made comics of Wile E. Coyote when I was 5. Needless to say, they are moldering away in some landfill, along with a lot of ‘underground’ comics that my wife threw away many years later. They’d be worth thousands by now, I am often heard to say.


Here are some of my favourites: Peanuts, all New Yorker cartoonists, (esp Roz Chast}, Monty, Garfield, Freak Bros, Zippy, and, of course, Peanuts, because comics begin AND end with Peanuts. I am overwhelmed with admiration and respect for Charles M Schulz. His genius was in how he distilled reality through the characters, and made them breathe, and live. My humour is informed by the Goons, Monty Python, stand-up comedy, the dry wit of the Brits, IOW my mother’s side of the family.

I worked on and off in the graphics industry, including making some T-shirt designs for a mountain bike company that were distributed throughout Canada with a signature character, Felipe. None exist today, unless my mom still has some. Anyway, they were done in the 1990’s, before we started documenting everything we do.

I have a family now, with a boy and a girl, my forays into artwork are for pure enjoyment, not commerce. I carry a small sketch pad around, since I can’t afford an SLR. I occasionally paint but it is more the action of it than the final product which, for me, is always dissatisfying! IOW I enjoy the act of doing it but when it’s over I’ll relegate it to the closet or a dumpster! Comics are more cathartic for me!

Oh and love dogs. Always one in the house growing up, cocker spaniel, cockapoo, labrador, fox terrier. Ok the last few I owned vicariously through family. I love cats too but pretend I hate them for form’s sake.