what brings me out of a movie 2

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What brings me out of a movie is those obviously empty coffee cups. You know the ones I mean. They are in those cardboard carriers, perhaps 4 of them, but hefted with such ease by the character, that you just know that they are empty. The way they just sit there, light as air, immediately takes me out of the movie, unless it is a movie about the coffee industry, and how little they fill the cup up. Then the character passes this faux coffee to other characters, all but tossing them in the air to them, letting them be carried by the breeze to whomever wants them. I’m sorry, but this fallacy must stop. I demand that they fill these cups up. I want to see steam (I know I’ve gone too far now) emitting from the holes of the cup. I want the cups to have a realistic heft, not fall over whenever someone sneezes. Imagine if one of those cups fell to the ground, after the character took a huge slug from it, exposing the character as mentally ill, pretending to drink coffee from an empty cup. I am sure those in the film industry will set me straight, there is a good reason for all this deception and trickery. (Most actors are caffeine intolerant)

I’ll go one further: I want to see steam coming out of the mouth of characters who are in polar regions, such as Antarctica, Greenland, Canada. Talk about something that exposes the fallacy, artifice, and, (sorry, ran out of adjectives) of movies. But that is for another post.