What brings me out of a movie 1

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What brings me out of a movie is when there is a knock at the door, and the door is answered WITHOUT a peek through the peephole to see who it is. I mean, who answers the door without seeing who is there? It’s like Call Display. For doors. Of course, it advances the plot when the door is answered, and the answerer is immediately shot with one of those things that they use to euthanise cattle before slaughter. (I am not unaware of the occasional peephole making an appearance in a movie, a nod to reality. But it only serves to use as an aperture through which the door-knocker can aim a pistol and fire it through the eye of the soon-to-be corpse who does the peeping) It might bring the movie to a premature end if the hero peeped through the peephole, saw who it was, immediately evacuated his bowels, and ran for the nearest Latin American country, never to be seen again, except as a dot on the horizon with worry tears springing from their head. It just smacks of carelessness and laziness that doors are answered in this cavalier manner, especially when the person answering is involved in no less than twelve criminal ventures.