Wilt's Blog to the World

There is a lady at work who has no eyebrows. Totally nice lady. But she has no eyebrows. Because of the lack of hair in those areas otherwise populated by eyebrow hair, she compensates through liberal use of an eyebrow pencil. I think that is the correct term. Any ladies reading this (for shame) may correct me. I imagined that, whenever she felt a strong emotion, such as anger or sadness, she would reach into her handbag and pencil in the appropriate eyebrow shape. For example, if a person crossed her in a manner that caused anger, she would take a second or two to pencil in ‘angry’ eyebrows. After the anger died down, she would wipe away the eyebrows, pencil in the neutral eyebrows. To express surprise, or interest, she could pencil in ‘brackets’ around her eyes, like Peanuts characters. X’s over her eyes when she fell asleep, or was struck by a croquet mallet.